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A Change of Plans

Apr 20, 2023

A couple of friends of ours took a drive through the neighborhood just to check up on some places they remembered. The luxury condos in Midtown Atlanta today are nestled in a locale that is measured in memories for a few generations of accomplished people. For many years, Atlanta has been a crossroads of commerce and invention. As a result, a vast assortment of people who succeeded in their careers have conducted conferences in the Midtown hotels, dined in the cosmopolitan restaurants, and enjoyed the inventive and immersive nightlife that sprang up from the engagement of people such as themselves. Midtown has been a magnet for a couple of generations of people who made a difference in their chosen fields.

Our friends were talking about important things on their drive. Where and how they would most like to live, after the discoveries that emerged from unexpected events, in these recent two or three years – this was on their minds. Things look different today, including things like time and place – and priorities, too. Immersed in a talk like this, they drove past 40 West 12th, and they changed their plans.

Lined Up in Support

Here at 40 West 12th, it is not at all unusual that people discover a style of living that makes everything else come easier. From the services and amenities to the surrounding community to the very design of the residences themselves, each feature seems to line up and support the greater goals that our residents have set.

The richness of what is possible when there is nothing further to prove to anyone else creates a new landscape of possibilities. Achievement goes even further – and enjoyment certainly increases – when such a stage is reached, when a chapter such as this one is opened. People don’t come here to coast. Rather, this is grounds for a new and higher aim.

The Practice of Excellence

The success of having the middle of one of the world’s most broad-shouldered and enterprising cities turn out like this offers the example of an astounding achievement itself. It just doesn’t go this well everywhere. The condos in Midtown Atlanta today are part of a pleasant, percolating blend of residences and businesses, culture and retail, hotels and restaurants, greenspaces and high-rise power plays, all connected by shaded walks and bike paths, with trees along the way.

What we see today is the result of concerted vision and action, yet it all stems from a story of inspiration. The buzz began on college campuses across the nation in the mid-1970s – there was something suddenly cool about living in Atlanta. Careers were taking off here. And from within that youthful awakening, a fearless few glimpsed the opportunity to rediscover city living as a standard of sophistication and success, to rival and balance the suburbs. The migratory answer of the earlier generation, with its daily commute, was no longer good enough. The Midtown Atlanta condos for sale that we see today are part of the excellence people practiced in pursuit of a better answer.

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