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An Acre of Open Sky

Feb 24, 2022

A full-acre private, green courtyard is enfolded among these luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia, and that courtyard is so big it’s called the sky plaza. Although our connections with Atlanta’s carefully cultivated parks are nearby and direct – precious parks miraculously defended during decades of growth and economic expansion – we don’t even have to leave home to enjoy the great outdoors, thanks to the unique advantages of these particular condos in Midtown Atlanta.

And if there’s an occasion to be observed, the sky plaza at 40 West 12th offers advantages that even the vast Piedmont Park or the pocket-size Pershing Point or our beautiful Beltline cannot match. With an outdoor catering kitchen and bar, your outdoor entertaining options extend to dimensions and refinement far beyond the backyard barbecue.

An Outdoors All Your Own

Some of the largest balconies of any of the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale give 40 West 12th a version of outdoor pleasure that can be personalized. They remind us that luxury condos at their absolute best always offered at least a glimpse of outdoor diversion. In the early days, Midtown skyscapes might have consisted merely of a picture window or a sliding door to a platform-sized outdoor terrace. So much better today, to choose true luxury condo life in this generation, when some of Atlanta’s biggest balconies offer a real and continuous outdoor extension of the living space inside.

A Choice We Don’t Have to Make

The most fortunate residents of the luxury condos we see now in Midtown discovered a style that lets them have it both ways. They savor the beauty and breathe-easy feeling of the great outdoors, while still enjoying their vibrant connection with the energy, enterprise, commerce, and art that makes Atlanta one of the world’s great cities. Perhaps the biggest contribution to quality of life that the advanced architects and planners of today have achieved is the marriage of indoor and outdoor living – without the need to commute. The residents at 40 West 12th find plenty of outdoor pleasures built into their everyday experience of a vibrant city.

A Compromise We Can Skip

Once upon a time, urban pioneers made considerable sacrifices to achieve this blend of city life and big-sky country. The loft generation, reclaiming industrial spaces for living, accepted roughing it as an everyday price to pay. Gritty windowsills and tarpaper patios became a badge of endurance for people who wouldn’t compromise the energy of city living for the outdoor connection they continued to crave.

Compromises like these are not called for anymore, much less are they necessary. The opportunity to make your corner of the sky a city view comes now with luxury rather than sacrifice. The freedom and imagination and broad horizons that live in the hearts of the remarkable people who make their homes here no longer require pioneering.

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