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At Home Spa Day Essentials

Feb 9, 2021

February is the month of endearment, and that starts with yourself. Dedicating a day to self-care is the most rewarding and recharging experience that can happen in the comfort of your luxury condominium in Midtown. 

The spa-inspired bathrooms of 40 West 12th offer an experience identical to that of your favorite wellness retreat. Mirroring the relaxation and serenity of any day-spa, watch your private residence make its transformation into ‘opulent oasis.’ If you plan to host your very own spa day, be sure to have the essentials.

Setting the Serenity 

In order to enter into a more peaceful mindset at home, you must first set the tone with tranquil scents. Having an essential oil diffuser is beneficial for daily life, but especially when channeling your inner zen. 

As the bath water runs in your tub, having the right bath salts will ensure the most soothing soak. Unwinding in your bubble bath is just the start, as your skin-care routine and mental massage awaits.

Stepping out of the tub and slipping into something comfortable is undoubtedly the next step to truly relax. A plush robe or leisure wear will be the outfit of the day as you saunter about your condo in your Ugg slippers and Matouk robe transposing from self-care activity, to self-care activity. 

Having a jade roller and under eye mask hydrate and luxuriate your skin. As your loosened pores invite the nutrients of your face mask, step into your conveniently placed foot massager and relish in quietude on the couch. 

Living at 40 West 12th is epicurean; between days spent at home in your own personal spa, and being situated quietly above the bustle of Midtown, 40 West 12th is magnificently undisturbed. For more information about The Next Generation of Midtown and relaxation, visit