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Becoming the Host

Nov 15, 2022

The coming holiday season, kicked off by Thanksgiving and gaining momentum seemingly every week until the new year, brings along with its joys and celebrations a certain sense of responsibilities, too. Preparations and gifts are certainly to be provided for and no less real is the sense of roles and reciprocity that the holidays also bring. Some of them are subtle, and yet one role in particular is clear as a bell. Whose turn is it to host?

Whether for Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, whether in an ancestral home in the country or among the condos in Midtown Atlanta, hosting is a role we grow into. In younger years, the expectation usually is that we are the ones who will do the travelling. The senior members of the family generally are assumed to be the hosts, and their established homes are no doubt one reason for their assumption of this role

When It Becomes Our Turn

Somewhere in the evolution of most families and many circles of friends, the role of hosting revolves to us. Whether for seniority alone or in response to the advantages of the resources we have built, it becomes our turn to be the hub, the home to which others travel for the occasion. The balance of pride and trepidation, of eagerness and dread that we may feel when our turn comes around has much to do with the setting we can provide.

What better setting than here among the finest of the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA?

The Essence of Accommodation

The capacities for hosting a holiday gathering of practically any size are simply unexcelled at 40 West 12th. Advantages found in few, if any, other Midtown Atlanta condos for sale are here in full and awaiting your guest list and your imagination.

With three and four bedrooms of your own, the connected Epicurean Hotel, and the most aware and up-to-date hotels in the city nearby, you can be confident in the comfort your guests will experience. For thrills and memories, the views and sensations offered here are quite simply unmatched. Imagine gathering on your own balcony, clustered cozily around the indoor-outdoor fireplace there. Or plan a progressive gathering that might enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the Sky Terrace and then stroll heartily to the outdoor dining area, or to the dining room of your own or of your choosing.

Memories Assured

In any way you envision it, here you can be sure of creating memories your loved ones will always find clear and warm, recollections to which they will return with relish. When the role of host comes to you at the holidays, here is a home where you can be glad to step into that role, confident in every way. For more information, visit or contact us at 404.347.3838.