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Effortless Elegance

Sep 2, 2022

From the design, location, access, and connection – and from the whole ambiance of the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, at 40 West 12th – we find effortless elegance. More and more, as people discover greater freedom to locate their lives where they most want to be, this is the quality we see them demonstrating – the desire for ease and harmony.

The most advanced designers have seen this coming. The most influential planners, architects, and interior designers have been calling it “the new luxury” for long enough, now, that it would be a good idea simply to think of it as luxury. The principal is that the best design is considerate design. When you find yourself in an environment where what you want and need has been anticipated, and provided-for, then you are in an environment of considerate design.

What We Embrace Today

The Midtown Atlanta condos for sale today at 40 West 12th are a strong starting point for studying considerate design. From their inception, they have been in tune with the direct approach to elegance, straightforward and clear, rather than elaborate and ornamental.

Simplicity is a powerful principle in considerate design. The serenity of the horizontal line, the clarity of the right angle, the use of a window to frame the outside world like a work of art – all these add up to a moment-to-moment experience of excellent design that enhances rather than distracts from the interests you bring into the picture.

The three- and four-bedroom residences we find at 40 West 12th present no compromise on the options for living space that elegance requires. Ceiling heights of up to 14 feet contribute to the sense of freedom and the ability to breathe deep and easy here.

What We Learned from Private Jets

A little while ago, a friend had the experience of helping to launch nine new models of private jets, and the most sought-after design studio in the world at that time was consulted for the design of the interiors. The thesis of this design firm, where the hottest designers in the world wanted to work, was that luxury is not so much for show anymore. Instead, luxury comes now from how thoughtful a design proves to be, whether what you need is anticipated and provided.

The prestige projected by this kind of design is based on access, convenience, and simplicity. Few environments have so little latitude for excess as the interior of a private jet. Imagine then how impactful these principles can be when projected onto the condos in Midtown Atlanta.

Considerate design is just one of the factors we weigh, in the value of Atlanta real estate. Let’s talk about the influence they can have on your home or investment plans. Just call us at 404-347-3838 or find out more at