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Every Day

Mar 24, 2023

The unexpected experience of spending a lot more time at home over the last two or three years inspired people to seek more from their homes than before. Instead of a hub for launching activities elsewhere, home became a near-total environment for a while, and as such, people demanded more. The surge in new home sales among the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA inspired by this experience has proved to outlast a particular interest rate, because the desire is deeply human.

Another effect of those months of immersion in home was to change our perception of time. A friend commented just yesterday that there were times in 2020, and even through 2022, when we didn’t think about what day of the week we were walking around in – even occasionally it seemed for months at a time. The dropping of old routines made our old sense of time unnecessary for a while, and we found we could get along without it pretty well. This proved particularly true for the fortunate residents enjoying the convenience of certain condos in Midtown Atlanta.

In a Larger Sense

This shift in our sense of time applied more profoundly to our priorities. For millions, this meant a decision to stop putting off the vision they nurtured of how and where they want to be living their lives. Seeing more clearly than ever how important every day can be, we lost patience with postponing. We set in motion whatever changes might be called for to make our perfect day an everyday experience.

The value of the best of the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale continues to reflect this compelling motivation. The two-, three-, and four-bedroom luxury residences of 40 West 12th are surely the finest examples of this pure possibility. Making the perfect day every day has proven here not to be unreasonable at all.

Where the Sky is No Limit

With ceilings that extend as high as 14 feet, with miraculous design that marries skyline views with the privacy of a personal retreat, with private terraces and all-season fireplaces, these skyrise homes reach beyond what many might have thought was possible to have in a home. It is as if the design team agreed one day to suspend the use of the word, “no.”

The result is a setting for saying “yes” to the perfect day, every day. No longer spending time in going from where you live to where you fulfill your career, or having to travel to the place you like best for enjoyment, these are homes that make every day a day for fulfilling the finest vision of life that one can dream or devise.

If such possibility, if making such a dream the substance of real life, appeals to you for your living or investment plans, just call us at 404-347-3838.