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Every Perfect Day

May 25, 2023

Again and again, the answer we hear to what makes 40 West 12th among the best of all the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA is “every perfect day.” The chance to make every day a perfect day is no fantasy here, but rather a way of life. Convenience is one factor. Having a concierge service, an all-season pool and patio, a health and wellness club, and a yoga studio on site – and being connected directly to the Epicurean Hotel’s cuisine – is a beginning, and a strong one. And yet it is only the beginning.

The environment around the residences here is also unmatched among all the condos in Midtown Atlanta, GA. Within easy reach every single day are the cultural advantages of one of the world’s great cities, arranged so comfortably that Midtown is recognized as one of the most successful plans for city living of all. Our shaded streetscapes, vest-pocket parks, our nearness to Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Garden make the choice of city or country unnecessary.

Beyond Convenient

Making it easy to enjoy is clearly a factor in a perfect day. Inspiring you to fulfill your dreams is a far deeper mission, and one we join in fulfilling. The very design of the residences is a source of inspiration, with an all-season fireplace linking living room with terrace, with lofty ceilings that lift the spirit, and with broad horizons framed by floor-length windows, inspiration comes as naturally and continuously as breath itself.

The rich Atlanta arts community is so near at hand that we are reminded daily that art and architecture are not only expressions of human inspiration, but also a source of energy and encouragement for even more. We count the High Museum and Woodruff Arts Center as neighbors. Their unceasing dedication to inspiring the perfect day is reflected in the calendar of events and exhibits, of artists and performances presented there.

Ever Changing

Important in making perfect days out of every day is the capacity to make no two days the same. Breaking free from ruts and habits unleashed the imagination and the energy to achieve that our imaginations portray. The very nature of our neighborhood is to offer just that.

Acoustic Wednesdays and Jazz on the Plaza beckon through the month of May. Sunday Fun Day at the Museum of Design Atlanta is arranged to coincide with the free-admission Sundays at the High Museum of Art. In the unlikely event that our residents have nothing planned on their own, there is never a pause in the possibilities offered by the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale, and by vibrant pulse that always infuses life in Midtown.

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