Excursions Await

There’s a lot to look forward to, when these unexpected days – and weeks – of learning what it’s like to stay at home finally come to an end. Who knew we could still sleep eight hours at a stretch? Who expected to find that groove again in the kitchen? Home cooked meals and quiet nights at home had long ago grown to be the exception rather than the rule for many of us. Friends have commented that this imposed stay-at-home has come as a surprising lesson – and maybe overdue – in enjoying things that may have fallen by the wayside in the peak pace of careers and family-rearing.

When we emerge from this, what will our priorities be? Same as before? Will we focus on getting back to “normal” as soon as possible? Or will our sense of priorities show a subtle rearrangement as a result of this unexpected time of reflection? Whatever the answer, the setting we find right outside our doors, our immediate neighborhoods, are likely to take on a different value, given our new perspective.

When Different is Better and Why

No doubt about it, some of us will have more to look forward to when we set out to rediscover our near neighborhoods. Walks, jogs, bike rides, and excursions of all kinds will have a fresh flavor for all of us, after our time at home. Yet, the folks who call the luxury condos of Midtown home will have even more to look forward to.

Trees and streetscapes, walkways and bike paths, a green canopy for our condos, among the steel and granite skyrises – these are a few of the factors that will make even the shortest excursions a pleasure for the fortunate residents of Midtown, when we return to our out-and-about way of living here.

A big reason behind the pleasure of living in Midtown is a powerful force for good called the Midtown Alliance. Overseen by a board of 71 of Atlanta’s most influential private sector leaders, the Alliance has for more than 40 years worked to improve and maintain the quality of life for people who choose to live, work, and play in Midtown Atlanta. The guiding map for this quality of life is Blueprint Midtown, a visionary master plan for creating and maintaining surroundings that are accessible, experiential, and sustainable.

Resulting from Dialogue

The Blueprint enjoys a rare distinction among urban master plans – it actually was implemented. The dialogue and refinement built into the planning process has been a key reason for this. Relying on an organized process for engaging the Midtown community, the Blueprint is dedicated to setting the course for a livable, walkable district. The goal is to keep Midtown the premier urban live-work-play district in the Southeast.

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