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How Midtown Works Out

Jul 20, 2020

In the neighborhood that enfolds the luxury condos of Midtown, we notice that lots of the independent thinkers and doers here in Atlanta make fitness a priority. It’s understandable then, that the resources for doing just that are abundant and close at hand. Even now – and perhaps especially now, with more of us working from home, when our thoughts turn to our next workout, we’re in luck.

When Intensity is Productive

Because time is of the essence in careers such as those that are pursued from the condos of Midtown, High Intensity Interval Training is of special interest for many. The ability of this method to produce maximum results in a focused and feasible amount of time brings a lot of attention to Blast Midtown on 6th Street NE.

Named from an acronym, for Balanced Level of Aerobic/Anaerobic and Strength Training, BLAST founder Missi Wolf, studio manager Nikiya Johnson and their team developed their own high-intensity approach to interval training, an efficient way that people enjoy, for building muscle, losing weight, and improving the cardiovascular system in a one-hour workout. “Oh, and it’s a BLAST,” they say.

When Location Plays a Role

You need venture no farther than Peachtree Street NE to find two other great possibilities for your Midtown workout. Because a lot of people who pursue service and technology and professional careers have to get the workout they want whenever they want it, Anytime Fitness is ready when you are. Plus, they add the advantage of a densely spotted network of gyms across the state, the region, and the nation coast-to-coast. As reopening unfolds, this network will provide a lot of options. Three Atlanta locations are open already, including Midtown.

Even closer to the center of Midtown, Lion’s Den Fitness, at 9th and Peachtree puts an emphasis on personal attention, through small group fitness sessions and personal training. Accredited personal trainers create customized training plans.

Virtual Methods – Actual Results

For lots of Atlanta workout enthusiasts, TV and video links have offered a way to enjoy their at-home workouts from a fresh perspective. During the recent stay-at-home precautions, one of our favorite resources came from an established team of Atlanta personal trainers at Eclipse 1-on-1. They offer a series workouts they call The Shred – ranging from five minutes to 30 minutes – to do at home. From making their acquaintance that way, several of us are considering making Eclipse our steady studio.

Fitness and the value that comes with it are characteristic of the people and the places, among the condos of Midtown and throughout Atlanta. For more information on how to own at 40 West 12th, visit or contact us at 404.347.3838.