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Inside the Luxury of Midtown

Oct 25, 2021

If luxury is moving beyond the necessities and on to the refinement of life, then the luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia are a great place to explore it. Between downtown and Buckhead, there emerged here a setting that proved magnetic to art and culture, finance and commerce, education and enterprise. In fact, it became the magnet for a region.

A far cry from the concrete canyons in the center of the world’s other great cities, Midtown Atlanta is brimming with life. More than 42,000 people make their homes here, and the population blossoms to 81,000 on a workday. Each year, more than 6 million visitors choose Midtown activities and attractions, arriving from all over the region, the nation, and the world. Above it all, among the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale are some of the most luxurious residences you may ever see, and this sought-after neighborhood is moving into the next generation in style.

Feed Your Soul

The powerful, resilient arts community of Atlanta has called Midtown home since early in the last century, building its own symbolic heart. The Woodruff Arts Center, the Alliance Theatre, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the High Museum of Art are nestled in the green just beyond Midtown’s shadow. Our historic Fox Theatre offers a trip back in time that never gets old, as the most talked-about performances and presentations of our day always seem to find their way to the Fox.

Feed Your Business

The presence of the Atlanta Technology Development Center and the Georgia Institute of Technology are both the causes and the effects of the enterprise and entrepreneurial energy that thrive continually in the surroundings of the condos in Midtown Atlanta. From the superstation that revolutionized television to the most recent evolutions of the digital environment that supports every form of business today, Midtown Atlanta has proven to be an irrepressible environment for innovation.

Feed Your Self

Twelve of the 16 hottest new restaurants in Atlanta today are found in Midtown. This alone testifies to the power of attraction that this neighborhood wields. Newcomers to Midtown are surprised to find such excellent coastal cuisine as the Oceanaire Seafood Room in a sophisticated setting. Lure is another excellent seafood choice, in this case coming with the ambiance of a seaside bungalow, somehow teleported to Midtown Atlanta.

For steaks, many say that our best is Marcel, in the nearby Westside Provisions District, yet we also can call nearby on our own editions of nationally-known names such as Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris.

The exotic popularity of Thai food in Midtown at Nan Thai Fine Dining is a real Midtown success story. Chef Nan gathered skills from her mother in Thailand, and honed her craft in the competitive restaurant world of New York City, bringing the beauty of what she learned at last to Atlanta. Here, Nan Thai has been selected to host such high-profile events as the PGA Tour Championship Dinner, The Master’s Champion’s Dinner, and the FedEx Cup Dinner, testifying to the success that Nan’s dedication has brought. We know out-of-towners who make a point of dining at Nan Thai whenever their travels include Atlanta.

The luxury of Midtown is not for show, it is for enjoyment. If the vitality that people are finding here is of interest, for living or investment, then we should talk. For more information, visit  or contact us at 404.347.3838.