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Living With a Pet at 40 West 12th

Nov 19, 2020

It is fair to question if city pets are a different breed entirely; while city pets have seemingly less access to greenery, surrounded by their concrete jungle home, it is important to know how to care for your pet while living in Midtown. Contrary to popular belief, pets that live in the city spend equal time outdoors as suburban pets. With an intended effort and the right information, navigating through life with a leash in your hand is easy at 40 West 12th. 

City Pet Perks

40 West 12th pets have premier access to some of Atlanta’s most beautiful parks; while suburban pets enjoy the free roam in a fenced yard, urban pets have the ultimate backyard: parks. Nestled in the shadows of these private residences, pet owners and city dwellers alike are a sidewalk away from Piedmont Dog Park. While it needs no introduction, Piedmont Park is a focal point of Midtown and an idealistic place for pets to play. And, just a few steps and wags away, Midtown residents can find the Atlantic Station Dog Park and Freedom Barkway. Encircled by these green pet playgrounds, there is not shortage of adventure for your city pets as far as Midtown is concerned. 

Tips for City Pet Owners

While it is not every day that a pet owner can get to a park, there are helpful tips for pet owning Mid-townspeople: 

  • Leaving toys around your private residence provides your pet with both entertainment and distraction while you’re away. 
  • A regular feeding schedule emphasizes a sense of regularity and gives your pet an internal timeline for their day-to-day needs.
  • In the months where Atlanta experiences extreme weather conditions, it is important to protect our pet’s paws from the pavement. A good pair of dog booties are a simple solution for walks along the concrete curvatures in Midtown.

40 West 12th is the place where city aficionados and dog lovers can happily reside. For more information about the amenities that are readily available for both pets and their owners in Midtown, visit