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Meet Me at Sunset & Peachtree

May 16, 2022

Georgia surpassed Los Angeles for film and TV production in 2016, and we have never looked back. Motion picture production is now one of the state’s leading industries, and Atlanta is the epicenter. The impact of this growth on the value of the luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia, and particularly the condos in Midtown Atlanta is something you can take to the bank.

With its blend of Midtown Atlanta condos for sale, this is one of the preferred neighborhoods for the temporary home base that leading actors demand during production. And when the stars come out, some of these folks who can go anywhere elect to stay here.

Dropping Names

At least 36 films are in production currently in Atlanta. Projects include the awaited feature film sequel to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, slated for release in November. In the Showtime original series First Lady, Viola Davis plays Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Betty Ford, and Gillian Anderson plays Eleanor Roosevelt, following her memorable portrayal of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Crown. The series began to unfold on TV April 17, and friends say the remarkable resemblances created by these actors are evident in the supporting billboards on Sunset Boulevard. The posters might be on Sunset, but the production – and the investment and employment that come with it – are here.

In keeping with a longstanding tradition of Hollywood cocktail parties, let’s drop a few names of famous earlier films that were born in Atlanta. Driving Miss Daisy and The Blind Side might not be surprising. But did you know that two of the epic-grossing Hunger Games films were produced here, too?

Chris Pratt’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was filmed in Atlanta, and, in fact, most Marvel comic-based stories become action films here, such as Captain America: Civil War, and Spider Man: Homecoming, because of our capacity, expertise, and facilities. For example, England’s renowned Pinewood Studios – home to many of film’s most enduring memories for more than 80 years – established an enormous studio facility here in Atlanta that covers 700 acres and includes 18 busy sound stages.

The Steady Work of TV

A dear friend in the business reports that everyone, from writers to directors to actors to crew, gives thanks for the ascendancy of TV series, now that streaming is, well, mainstream. Not only does it represent that rarest of arts patronage – a steady job – but the ongoing nature of the storytelling also places more emphasis on character. On the other hand, a friend at a famous studio – what are now called “legacy studios,” where the golden age of Hollywood was born – says that feature films are all about endings. Those endings impart shape and urgency that sometimes can be missing from a TV series. Life is likely to have room for both, for generations to come.

One notorious example, the AMC series, The Walking Dead, was filmed for years in dozens of locations around Atlanta. In fact, the series’ initial pilot episode included a horseback-riding Jeff Grimes crossing the Jackson Street Bridge to reveal the Atlanta skyline. This single series employed so many people that an acting class known as “Zombie School” enjoyed steady enrollment and shows up on the resumes of many of today’s working actors. Whether the stars are immortal or “undead,” the opportunities for value that the growing film industry in Georgia might present to you, whether for living or investment, are worth discussing. Give us a call at 404-347-3838, and let’s discuss what this value could mean for you or find out more at