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Mornings in Midtown

Nov 3, 2021

It’s fitting that the economic heart of one of the world’s great cities should start the day with energy and purpose. Among the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, a bustling breakfast scene offers fuel for this launch pad, whether breakfast is the backdrop for the day’s first meeting or just a grab-and-go stop on the way to the office or studio. Sprinkled among the Midtown condominiums is a selection of breakfast spots to suit any plan you might have for the day.

These cherished morning customs, part of the pulse of Midtown, had a bit of a recess last year. But people and their favorite cafés found ways to keep breakfast enjoyable. For a while, that called for a little resourcefulness. Many of our favorite restaurants kept their customers connected with takeout ordering, and some with delivery. Thank goodness for the “continental” approach and the bakery goodies we were still able to order, even during those weeks at home.

A Welcome Reawakening

Breakfast in Midtown is served in many forms once again, and growing degrees of normalcy are returning. Creative conferences take place in cafés. Friends make time before the workday to connect and recharge the interests they share. Executives grab something to go. Offices order deliveries to make morning meetings more attractive. And on weekends, brunch becomes, for many, the cornerstone of an easy Saturday or Sunday among the condos in Midtown Atlanta.

The dining room and patio of the West Egg Café are open again, a breakfast favorite for those fortunate to live within easy reach of the Westside Provisions District. The Egg might have been named for The Great Gatsby’s roaring-20s home ground, but it is pure 21st century Atlanta. The takeout and delivery that people have grown to love are still available, too.

All Day Every Day

A 24-hour diner comes in handy, in a city with the relentless enterprise of Atlanta. Fulfilling this big-city passion, Midtown has its own version of one of the Atlanta breakfast legends. The Landmark Diner, long a Buckhead standby, has had a Downtown version on Luckie Street, across from Georgia State University since 2003. The Midcentury diner setting of the Landmark makes a great background for breakfast, and the lengthy menu does not disappoint, for any meal and any mood.

The award-winning Flying Biscuit Café serves breakfast all day. This is where Atlantans enjoy everything from city-fied smoked salmon to a country version of eggs benedict, or just about any breakfast delight you have in mind. The Biscuit is known for carryout and catering, too, so if breakfast must happen at your place, home or work, they can more than satisfy. The “Rockstar Breakfast” selections at MetroFresh in the Midtown Promenade, come with a personal approach that gives the morning a great start, and their shaded patio is a relaxing place to distance socially.

When the Coffee Has to Be Great

The crafted coffee shop with a crafted name, Land of a Thousand Hills, reopened indoor seating, and their outdoor patio is serving again, too, with their carefully and conscientiously sourced – and delicious – coffee blends. Inspired by the take-your-time setting found in the coffee houses of Europe, Café Intermezzo has resumed dine-in service with sensible precautions at its Midtown location, as well as offering curbside pickup and no-contact delivery. You can order their renowned tortes, cakes, and cheesecake online, too.

We are seriously invested in the energy and enterprise that begins each day with breakfast in Midtown Atlanta. If experience and expertise could be handy in your plans for living or investing here, just call us at 404-845-7724 or find out more at