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Outpacing All Expectations

Jan 25, 2023

The lasting and consistent value of the luxury condos in Midtown Atlanta is confirmed once again as the legendary Midtown Alliance prepares for its annual meeting on February 8. For 25 years, this occasion has been the touchstone for the living plan that nurtures Midtown as one of the most successful mixed-use, live-learn-work-play communities in the world.

A successful partnership among the city’s business leaders, public officials, and community interests continues to produce results for Midtown that might well be unsurpassed by any other city, anywhere. Recent growth and refinement, in fact, outpaces even Midtown’s previous performance.

“We believe this is the most development activity Midtown has ever experienced over a 24-month period,” said Midtown Alliance President and CEO Kevin Green. “And in a place that has been as active as Midtown over the last two-plus decades, that’s saying something.”

A Record Two-Year Achievement

The Midtown Atlanta condos for sale are surrounded by vital signs that testify to future of their worth and the vitality of the community that embraces them. Six major development projects were delivered in 2022, in one square mile of Midtown.

Over the two years just completed, Midtown will have delivered or has currently under construction more than 4.2 million square feet of office facilities, 6,500 residential units, 900 new hotel keys, and a quarter-million square feet of retail space.

Quality of life for the condos in Midtown Atlanta stays firmly in the plan, with 40,000 square feet of public space improved in the Midtown district.

“We believe that urban districts that are intentional about prioritizing robust public life on the streets and in outdoor spaces will be the most resilient amid all the changes we’re seeing in cities today,” Green said.

What We Do Next Together

A keynote of the annual meeting is anticipated from the address presented by architectural firm Gehl, which partnered with the Midtown Alliance to forge a comprehensive action plan for the district that aligns the interests and orchestrates the efforts of building owners, design, economic development strategies, social cohesion, transportation goals, and a host of elements that have proven to sustain the vitality of Midtown property, the quality of life people enjoy here, and the value of the investments they make – for living, education, commerce, and ongoing enterprise.

Gehl Director Anna Muessig will deliver the keynote address, with a focus on the initiatives that Midtown stakeholders do together. Cooperation and communication have been fundamental to the remarkable success of Blueprint Midtown, the plan and process that has thus far provided such remarkable results.

Thanks to the experience so abundant in the Midtown Alliance and the dependability of the plans that arise from it, the vitality of Midtown investment builds value and sustains it, even in extraordinary times such as these. To find out more, just call us at 404-347-3838.