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Private and Public

Mar 13, 2023

The sheer enjoyment of living in the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, extends deeply into dimensions that are personal and precious. The ability to trade a commute for an elevator ride and yet enjoy even more of the pleasures of privacy that once sent people to the suburbs in times past seems to be a kind of miracle.

On closer inspection, this ability to discover and expand a sense of luxury in the midst of one of the world’s great cities is rather the result of decades of diligent planning, dedicated dialogue, and an understanding of the many sources of energy that have kept Atlanta moving forward in prosperity through any challenge that history has put in our path. This public dimension of what the fortunate residents of the condos in Midtown Atlanta enjoy has resulted in another high-water mark for the vitality that assures value in the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale.

Bigger and Better than Ever

The annual meeting of the Midtown Alliance reviewed this month a remarkable year, even in the context of its quarter century of continuous success at making Midtown a magnet for livability as well as economic vitality. Over the past 24 months, more than 4.2 million square feet of office space, 6,500 residential units, 900 hotel keys, and 250,000 square feet of retail space have been delivered or put into construction. Six major development projects were delivered in 2022 across a single square mile.

This marks the recent two years as the most exhilarating period of development activity in Midtown history. An additional 10 capital projects are under construction, out for bid or scheduled to be bid in the first half of 2023.

Making Livability the Key

The role that the Midtown Alliance has played in fostering this powerful attraction for investment is based on the success of the process known as Blueprint Midtown in assuring that growth increases the attractiveness of living here, creating a community and cultivating a rewarding human experience at street-level.

Aligning the interests of building owners and investors, designers and urban planning experts, transportation, social cohesion, and economic development strategies, the Midtown Alliance is well into its third successful decade of making Midtown an ever more attractive place to live.

While this is not a recent realization by any means, the momentum behind the livability of Midtown is flourishing at a moment when the current generation of homebuyers is one that makes far fewer compromises in quality of life than in generations past. The continual efforts for the perfection of Midtown meet the exacting demands of a 21st century workforce that does not readily sacrifice quality of life for career.

This intersection of assets and desires indicates a powerful possibility that the attraction of Midtown, and the value that arises from it, can continue far into the future. To explore what this intersection of luxury, vitality, and livability could mean for your own plans, just call us at 404-347-3838.