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Reflections of Confidence in the Value of Midtown

Jan 21, 2022

Looking ahead to a new year, January prompts people to take stock, and as we adopt that frame of mind here, among the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, the view is spectacular. Proposals under review with the Development Review Committee of Atlanta’s fabled Midtown Alliance include a rousing total of new assets and installations here, in one of the most successful mixed-use neighborhoods in the world.

         –        1.17 million square feet of new office space

         –        1,983 new residential units

         –        60,000 square feet of new retail space

In aggregate, the reasons to be bullish about the desirability of Midtown Atlanta condos for sale are impressive.

More than Recent Results

Taking a longer view, we see further encouragement – and proof of concept for the continuing commitment to prosperous, mixed-use development in Midtown. In a wrap-up briefing at the close of 2021, Midtown Alliance CEO and president Kevin Green presented a profile of no fewer than 57 buildings delivered since 2010 in a square mile of Midtown. The majority of these, he pointed out, were classified by the Alliance as major developments.

The success of a quarter-century of concerted planning, since 1997, through a process known as Blueprint Midtown – has ensured that the economic vitality of Midtown is accompanied hand-in-hand by the quality of life on which the people who energize the 21st century economy insist. Streetscapes in Midtown include shaded walkways, al fresco dining, and carefully monitored bike paths that make the district a neighborhood.

Piedmont Park Proximity

Of course, the nearness of Piedmont Park is a Midtown asset of nearly incalculable value. Fortunate indeed to have preserved the Park through generations of Atlanta’s growth, it remains a constant resource and a cornerstone of Midtown livability. Enfolding places to gather, places to play, an incomparable Botanical Garden to relish – and a connection with the Atlanta Beltline, a linear park that ultimately will extend through a 22-mile loop linking 45 Atlanta neighborhoods – Piedmont Park is at the doorstep of Atlanta’s luxury Midtown condominiums.

The preservation and continual enhancement of the Park, the ongoing enterprise that results from the Beltline, the human scale and welcome that our streetscapes extend, all work together to ensure that even the remarkable developments of the past year, the past ten years, are only chapters in the continuing story of value, prosperity, and livability we see in Midtown.

Thanks to the experience so abundant in the Midtown Alliance, human factors are never left to chance. For more about how the continual vitality of investment builds value for the existing condos in Midtown Atlanta, just call us at 404-347-3838 or find out more at