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The Next Generation of Balcony Gardening

Mar 22, 2021

Balcony gardening at 40 West 12th boasts a unique opportunity for its residents. With a delightful combination of private balcony gardening capabilities and the exclusive fortuitousness to enjoy foliage from new heights, 40 West 12th is a floating garden oasis, and every horticulturist’s living dream. 

When you begin to plan out your garden, there are many things to take into consideration. Start to analyze the characteristics of your balcony and plan out which plants will flourish best in your unique space. With an intentional effort and the correct materials, your balcony garden will thrive amongst the clouds at 40 West 12th.

Accompanying Greenery 

There is no shortage of greenery in the skies of Midtown at 40 West 12th; watch new life sprout from the lush, one-acre sky terrace that sits just below your private balcony and just outside your home’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Surround yourself with earth’s flora as the sun shines down upon blooming flowers and growing trees. 

40 West 12th has planted the pleasures and beauty of every ground-floor garden and delivered them right to your uniquely fashioned ‘backdoor.’ For more information about becoming a part of this thoughtfully curated community, visit