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The Places and Spaces of Working from Home

Feb 23, 2023

Like the people themselves who prefer it, the practice of working from home is here to stay. Certainly, there are variations in policy from company to company, and the practice is sure to evolve as time progresses, yet a significant proportion of the knowledge-based, 21st-century workforce will continue to spend at least a portion of their work week in the homes that they so carefully furnished for that purpose during pandemic precautions.

The fortunate folks who chose to make their home a more accommodating place for their live-learn-work-play style of living appear poised to enjoy the best of an evolving future in the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA. For perspective, it is important to note that working from home is not solely a pandemic development. The share of remote workers had been doubling every 15 years prior to 2020, according to labor economists.

Here’s the latest: Survey data nationally found that nearly 14% of employees worked from home full time as of last fall. An additional 20% enjoyed hybrid arrangements, working from home for at least part of the week. And 57% of persons worked fully on site as the fourth quarter of 2022 arrived. At its peak, 60% of total workdays took place from home, and even though that share has fallen by about half to 29%, the decline is expected to level-off with a significant proportion of work continuing to take place from home.

Far Greater for Some

The “peanut butter” nature of national data – spread evenly from crust to crust – may tend to disguise the even greater impact that work-from-home opportunities have on certain careers and lifestyles. Great variation is seen from industry to industry and from place to place in who can work from home effectively. Atlanta is blessed with a high concentration of people who can do just that, the knowledge-based core of the 21st-century economy. Creative content providers, programmers, and tech experts, as well as most financial services, executive, and professional careers are examples of Atlanta residents who will continue to reap the benefits of working from home.

“You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.” This is the quote that summarizes most economists’ conclusion about the future of working from home. In addition to the preferences of the best-qualified workers, efficiency itself speaks in favor of it. Even working two days a week from home saves employees an average of 70 minutes a day, and research suggests that almost half that saved time is spent working – more productivity for employers and enterprises.

Convenience and Comfort

Realizing the benefits of this phenomenal development calls for providing greater convenience and comfort in the home. Fortunate, indeed, are those who choose the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at 40 West 12th. Here, the essence of considerate design offers insightful floorplans. No longer a matter of compartments, home is instead a symphony of living, dining, kitchen, and entertainment spaces. Your enjoyment was anticipated and considered carefully.