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The Weeks of Winter in Midtown

Feb 23, 2020

All Week, All Year

Not many years ago, if you came to Midtown on a weekend, you might think you had landed on the movie set of a sci-fi thriller set in a depopulated future. Quiet streets and buildings took the place of Atlanta’s passionate, beating financial heart just because it was Saturday or Sunday. The stillness could be eerie when all those hardworking people went home. That’s a picture from the past, thanks to Blueprint Midtown, a guided process that reaps the benefits of Atlanta’s best minds to review, reinforce, and refresh the course of Midtown as a classic success of those mixed-use, live-near-your-work ideals of contemporary design and development. Luxury condos flourish in Midtown Atlanta as a direct result.

And here, mixed-use is far more than just an ideal. Since 2000, Midtown has attracted more than $6.4 billion in new investment and opportunities. New streetscape projects and traffic/transport programs alone added $15.7 million to that investment in a recent year. Condos are accompanied by the walkability, bike-friendly, and public transit options that today’s knowledge-based workforce demands.

And what are those 21st-century residents enjoying about city life? Everything. The nearness of nightlife, cuisine, educational opportunities, artistic interests, and world-class performance plays a big part in the attraction of Midtown. A lot boils down to just how good it feels here, and how much there is to do.

What Passes for Winter

It feels good to know that you can enjoy the big-city life and still measure your winters in weeks. By the time the residents of Midtown Atlanta condos put on a jacket, they can just about see the end of winter on their calendar screens.

What occupies the timelines on those calendar screens is the other part of the pleasure. Imagination, energy, and verve – the qualities that make Midtown Atlanta percolate at any time of year – are just as evident in the winter. The immediate past, present, and future offer plenty of examples.

And Life Draws Life

The recently completed February 1 Atlanta Winter Beer Festival’s 10th anniversary celebration was a smashing success. For about the price of a restaurant dinner, festival attendees enjoyed a four-hour tasting of wine, beer, and cider, in their commemorative souvenir cups.

Harmonizing humor with the career environments of many Midtown residents, February 25 is the opening of a new comedy musical based on the long-running NBC hit, The Office, at Centerstage Atlanta. If this cult classic offers you a favorite character, a memorable predicament, or a figurehead you like to see satirized, then the unauthorized parody opening this month may be a must-see.

Although March 8 may not, in fairness, be winter anymore by Midtown Atlanta lights, the High Museum exhibit, Figures of Speech, presenting Virgil Abloh’s designs for Louis Vuitton, or Off-White, concludes on this second Sunday of March – and at the High, that means free admission. It’s a perfect chance to grab a look at these groundbreaking fashion designs before the exhibit moves on.

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