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The Thoughts that Arise

Apr 28, 2023

People answer in many ways when you ask them what led to their choice of high-rise living among the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA. Some say they decided to immerse their lives and loved ones in the cultural capital of one of the world’s great cities. Others say it started just from the desire to stop commuting. Some of our neighbors here point to the inspiring company of people who are inventing the future.

Some say simply that the view of sky and skyline, of granite and parkland, and of farther horizons lifted the very nature of their thinking. The view from these particular condos in Midtown Atlanta, they tell us, seems to call for more from life, and at the same time to make more seem possible.

Inspiring by Design

It is no coincidence so many say that even their thoughts aim higher here. The effect, the impact if you will, of the way these distinguished residences are designed was intentional. Ceilings that rise as high as 14 feet, private terraces that extend the living room literally into the sky, all-season fireplaces that further link the indoors with the outdoors – accessible from living room and terrace alike – such features as these seem to power the imagination for those who are fortunate to make their homes here. It was intended to be this way.

Intention, in fact, is the source of much of the energy that people feel when they live here. It turns out that this is far more than merely positive thinking, mood management, or the influence of beauty on the heart. In fact, on the frontiers of science today, at the very limits of what is known about the nature of the world, one of the ways that the quantum realm differs from the visible matter of Newtonian physics is that awareness and intention take an active role. Subatomic particles turn out to be waves of energy instead, and the properties they exhibit are proven to depend on how and when they are observed.

Much Easier to See

Far easier to see than these quantum phenomena are the ways that people thrive here in the skyrise world of the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale. Here, folks tell us, they find it easier to stay optimistic – or at least to return to that point of view. Riding up the elevator to home quite simply starts their experience in a better frame of mind than did that commute they decided to forego.

And the environment that surrounds and embraces home here is one of the most carefully, consciously cultivated urban landscapes in the world. The success of the Midtown Alliance – 45 years of making a conscious process for fostering the streetscapes, shaded walkways and bikeways, parks, and transportation – is known to every serious urban architect and planner in the world. Midtown is legendary for it.

If the power of these incomparable Midtown condominiums to lift your very thoughts is of interest for your living or investment plans, just call us at 404-347-3838.