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What We Are Glad to Do Without

Jul 18, 2022

For many who choose the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, the first advantage that comes to mind is life without a commute. Midtown has become one of the world’s leading live-work-play neighborhoods. The mixed-use ideal of planners and architects everywhere is already here, thanks to more than 40 years of keen foresight and diligent effort from the Midtown Alliance. The living manual for achieving what we have, keep, and grow here today is more of a dialogue than a document, and it is now in its third edition.

So far, Blueprint Midtown has given us a wealth of pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, trees, parks, plazas, and even monitored, measured bicycle routes to knit together our modern skyline with human comfort, security, and livability. Yet, when people who live in the condos in Midtown Atlanta speak of the things they enjoy about living here, we notice that a lot of the story is about what they don’t have.

Yes, the perks of living in condos are positive, and yet the Atlanta life we savor here is as much about what we can skip as it is about what we can do.

When Time Becomes a Gift

Beyond just skipping the commute, many of the other perks of condo living have to do with time, too. It is not just the saving of time, but also upgrading the quality of time that comes among the gifts of choosing among the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at 40 West 12th. The songwriter who said, “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time,” might well have had the luxury Midtown condos in mind. In addition to the time that others may devote to commuting, residents in the luxury condos here get back for their own enjoyment the time that others spend on the demands and responsibilities that come with free-standing home ownership.

When residents of the luxury condos at 40 West 12th work on their homes, you can bet it was their own idea, and that it has to do with fitting it to their visions and desires even more closely. The basics are already taken care of. Maintaining the lawn, grounds, water, electrical supply, and pool is more like work. Surely there are suburban residents who do enjoy this, but for those who don’t, this Midtown life is an intelligent answer. You don’t have to be “handy” to live in a Midtown condo.

The Nearness of Life’s Pleasures

Consider the convenience of getting to the yoga studio or to a state-of-the-art health and wellness club by elevator, rather than by car. Or lounging by an all-season, resort-style pool where a concierge sees to your towels and chairs. Or entertaining larger parties from an indoor and outdoor catering kitchen and bar. Even 24-hour, full-service concierge services are at your call when you choose the luxury condos of 40 West 12th.

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