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A Cooler Option

Aug 24, 2023

The convenience of enjoying our all-season, resort-style swimming pool without leaving the building is lately high on the list of reasons that residents of these luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, are glad they chose to make their home at 40 West 12th. Summer temperatures the past few weeks have prompted even experienced Atlantans to comment that it’s been a little on the warm side. Being able to swim or relax beneath retractable floor-to-ceiling windows along a deck that offers sweeping views of Midtown offers an option known only to a fortunate few.

Yet the luxury of a swimming pool in the sky is just one of many ways these unusual condos in Midtown Atlanta offer a cooler option. As the freshness of fall approaches, we look forward to enjoying the harmony of indoor and outdoor living that is designed expertly into our residences, our building, and our neighborhood.

Outdoor Enjoyment at Home

The best thinking that contemporary design can provide has led to the considerate way these in-town homes embrace the air and sunlight and the empowering skyline around them. They remind us that luxury condos at their absolute best always offered at least a glimpse of outdoor diversion. In the early days, it might have consisted merely of a picture window or a sliding door to a balcony-sized terrace. So much better for this generation, at a place where some of Atlanta’s biggest balconies offer a real and continuous outdoor extension of the living room inside.

Terrace fireplaces that face outward to the patio and inward to the living room are another example of the extent to which outdoor enjoyment is an essential part of the plan here. Some of the largest balconies of all the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale give the residences of 40 West 12th a version of outdoor pleasure that can be personalized.

The Pleasure of Choosing Both

Perhaps the biggest contribution to quality of life that the advanced architects and planners of today have achieved is the marriage of indoor and outdoor living – without the need to commute. The fortunate residents of 40 West 12th have discovered a style that lets them have it both ways. They savor the beauty and breath-easy feeling of the great outdoors, while still enjoying their vibrant connection with the energy, enterprise, commerce, and art that makes Atlanta one of the world’s great cities.

A full-acre private, green courtyard is enfolded among these luxury condos, and that courtyard is so big it’s called the sky terrace. Outdoor grilling and dining areas offer the chance to gather outdoors with friends while taking precautions that keep everybody comfortable.

If there’s an occasion to be observed, the sky terrace at 40 West 12th offers advantages that even Atlanta’s precious parks, such as the vast Piedmont Park or the pocket-size Pershing Point or our beautiful Atlanta BeltLine cannot match. With an outdoor catering kitchen and bar, your outdoor entertainment options extend far beyond the backyard barbecue.

To see this orchestration of outdoor freedom and indoor luxury could mean for your vision of living, call us at 404-347-3838.