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An Epicurean Experience At Home

Feb 9, 2023

The most fortunate of all the luxury condos in Midtown Atlanta, GA, might well be the ones connected seamlessly to the services of an opulent hotel. So many options for entertaining! Whether the guest list is lengthy or simply for a certain someone, the chance to treat your guests to a private dining experience in your own home with the culinary skills and serving panache of a gourmet restaurant at your service – this is an occasion worth considering.

Discovering a new kind of love for the home as an unexpected gift of the stay-at-home precautions we experienced over the past couple of years, the three- and four-bedroom condos in Midtown Atlanta found at 40 West 12th are populated with gratitude by people who found in them the answer to the higher standard of comfort they set for their home. Here, too, are residents who already had chosen the sky-rise lifestyle and grew to appreciate it even more when it became their everyday environment.

The Only Place Better

Named for the Greek philosopher whose world view was that pleasure is a sign that you are on the right track, Epicurean Atlanta is to our knowledge the only luxury hotel with a theme, thrust, and personality built around its superb restaurants.

Epicurean’s signature restaurant is named Reverence. This should give you a clear indication of the priority they place on excellence in their cuisine. The freshness and fascination of locally sourced and woodland-foraged vegetables, orchestrated with seasonal seafood and sustainable meats, results in a dining experience that makes Epicurean a destination for food-lovers both here and abroad. Because we are connected seamlessly to Epicurean, the residents of 40 West 12th have no traveling to do when they avail themselves of this dining ecstasy.

The immersive luxury of the Reverence and the alfresco option of Epicurean’s Aerial Kitchen & Bar offer your choice of settings and atmosphere. For many residents, however, and for certain occasions, the only place better is home.

Epicurean Comes to You

Epicurean-catered experiences are at your fingertips when you choose the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at 40 West 12th. Whether from our poolside, indoor catering kitchen and bar, or from the warmth of the kitchen and dining room or terrace in your own home, a call to Norma at Epicurean is all it takes to begin directing a scene of delight that you and your guests will long remember.

Happy to offer menus of proven satisfaction from their catering experience or to collaborate with you in formulating a menu of your own design, Epicurean is at your service, and in a way, a part of your home.

The secrets of living an Epicurean life in Midtown are not really secrets at all. Just call us at 404-347-3838 or find out more.