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Back to the Gym

Mar 30, 2022

A certain amount of muscularity is expected from Atlanta, whether physical or intellectual – or both. The crossroads of commerce and industry, art and culture, energy and enterprise that sprang up here seems to call for participants to keep the pace. Physical appearance plays a role in this picture. Among the luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia, residents have a few favorites when it is time to get back to the gym.

The fortunate residents of 40 West 12th enjoy all the advantages of a full-scale health and wellness club, with a professional Yoga studio, right here in the building. The views alone from the fitness studio are enough to keep a person’s workouts fresh, even several times a week. Still, folks devoted to fitness appreciate knowing they have found a home among like-minded people, and a look at the wealth of fitness options nearby can be reassuring on that score.

With spring firmly at the wheel of our climate, and the luxury of long days returning to us, let’s have a fresh look at of few of the other places where Midtown works out.

Intensity for Productivity

Because time is of the essence in careers like those that are pursued from the condos in Midtown Atlanta, high-intensity interval training is of special interest for many. The ability of this method to produce maximum results in a focused and feasible amount of time brings a lot of attention to Blast Midtown on 6th Street NE. Covered, validated parking makes Blast an easy trip, even for people beyond walking and biking distance.

Named from an acronym, BLAST – or Balanced Level of Aerobic/Anaerobic and Strength Training – developed their own high-intensity approach to interval training, an efficient way that people enjoy, for building muscle, losing weight, and improving the cardiovascular system in a one-hour workout. “Oh, and it’s a BLAST,” they say.

Facilities for metabolic profiling complete the assets that Blast Midtown puts on the side of their clients. Using a 45-minute assessment of three vital measurements – anaerobic threshold (AT), VO2 max, and resting metabolic rate (RMR) – the Blast team can formulate a fitness blueprint that personalizes the kind, the frequency, and the intensity of workout that works best for you.

Virtual Methods Actual Results

Among the workout enthusiasts in the new condos in Midtown Atlanta, TV and video links have offered a way to enjoy their at-home workouts from a fresh perspective. During the recent stay-at-home precautions, one of our favorite resources came from TV links and video workouts posted by an established team of Atlanta personal trainers at Eclipse 1-on-1. From making their acquaintance that way, several of us are considering making Eclipse our steady studio.

Great Outdoors Indeed

As fine as the facilities of nearby health clubs and gyms might be, what could compare with the wisely and expertly wrought Atlanta Beltline that connects the greatest of our parks and the bourgeoning services, pleasures and conveniences that thrive along the green connections? Called the “emerald necklace” of the flourishing system of Atlanta parks, the Atlanta Beltline is all that a runner, walker, bicyclist, or circuit-trainer could dream to use, and the Eastside Trail is an excellent Midtown connection to it.

Fitness and the value that comes with it are characteristic of the people and the places, we serve. Let’s talk over the opportunities. Give us a call at 404-347-3838 or find out more at