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Enjoying Coffee During the Great Pause

May 13, 2020

It’s often what comes with your coffee that makes it memorable. Although Midtown is well bestowed with fine places to enjoy our coffee, a cup of Joe with friends has taken what’s been called The Great Pause, along with the rest of us throughout Atlanta. Even in the luxury condos here, the best that could be said for our coffee gratification these past several weeks is that we had more time to savor a cup at home. That’s beginning to change.

One of our favorite places for coffee in Midtown is a restaurant, rather than a coffee bar, and this one in particular stands out for what it’s done to serve during these unusual times. Those of us who dwell in the condos of Midtown are particularly grateful.

More Than One Way to Serve

Empire State South, at 999 Peachtree Street, is usually a particularly cozy place to join with friends for coffee or a delicious meal. During this time when that was not going as usual, ESS discovered all kinds of other ways to serve.

They prepared boxed meals and fed more than 10,000 people. Working with partners such as the Blank Foundation, Georgia Organics, and World Central Kitchen, these Empire State South meals fed frontline workers and supported low-income senior living centers, where isolation was particularly acute. Meals went to other drop points to be distributed to others in need.

For the rest of us, ESS is offering Pre-Order Goodies, including fine wines and beers, crafted cocktails, and delectable nibbles. On certain weekends, they’re offering full meals, so they invite us to keep an eye on their website for those updates. Empire State South is living out a strong example of the strength and spirit that has made Midtown one of the most successful mixed-use, residential-commercial-financial neighborhoods in the nation.

With Joy and Sweets

Joy Café is offering takeout and delivery, and since their catering following was always strong, they have a lot of practice. Even their brunch is available to go, including mimosa bottle service. For coffee and breakfast bundles delivered to the office, it’s been a favorite, as well as for lunch on a workday, and it will be again. The weekend brunch is a Midtown favorite.

The Sweet Hut Bakery and Café’s Midtown location, at 935 Peachtree Street, opened May 1, from noon to 8 p.m., observing sensible social distancing and appropriate responses to today’s unusual health concerns. They even offer an app to make takeout orders even easier, if that’s your preference. Coffee here is served with imaginative baked treats – both sweet and savory – like vanilla buttercream or honey cinnamon roll, or even a classic bacon bun or a BBQ pork puff.

The life among the luxury condos of Midtown includes a matchless coffee scene, and even during the stay-at-home times, this seeming force of nature has found ways to keep on serving.

The energy and enterprise exemplified here is part of the value people discover when they live or invest in Midtown. For more information on how to own at 40 West 12th, visit or contact us at 404.347.3838.