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Introducing the Art Walk

Mar 9, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce The Art Walk: a creative experience that engages pedestrians with a dynamic palette of projects, large and small, playful and interactive, that are interesting during both the day and night. 

The Art Walk is a half-mile boulevard and linear park that connects Midtown MARTA station to Arts District Station. Covering over five blocks of Peachtree Walk, the Art Walk is designed to be both beautiful to gaze upon and exciting to experience.

It is proven that the presence of vibrant public spaces is a defining characteristic of the world’s greatest cities. And so, it is Midtown’s most enthusiastic effort to create meaningful outdoor spaces to be enjoyed by the public. The Art Walk will be just that; the thoughtful creation and design of Midtown’s Art Walk that runs directly adjacent to 40 West 12th is another one of Midtown’s efforts to create outdoor spaces for residents and visitors alike. 

The Art Walk is thoughtfully placed among both public space and private property. With the intention to blur the lines between these two zones, this project will both maximize its public investment and private partnership to deliver an experience that is unique to every pedestrian.

The Midtown Alliance plans to work with artists to commission temporary, installations, murals, and sculptures that are visible from the Art Walk and surrounding buildings. Each block is intended to showcase one commissioned work that will serve as a major focal point, complimented by smaller discovery moments for passers by to enjoy as they walk through.

Projected for completion in 2025, this beautiful and interactive display of art will be every 40 West 12th resident’s warm welcome home. For more information about living in Midtown and all that this creative neighborhood offers its residents, visit