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The Easiest Choice of All

Jun 1, 2022

Decisions can be demanding. In fact, there is some retail research that says that beyond a certain number of options, a display sells less, not more. Choices call for judgement, and the energy required, although mental rather than physical, is nevertheless substantial. One of the luxuries to be found among the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale is the luxury of an easy choice, in fact the easiest choice of all.

We can be certain of this because it involves no choice at all. “I’ll take both,” is undoubtedly a key feature of luxury in the luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia. Not having to choose between relaxation and excitement, between suburb and city, is the essence of this ultimate luxury. The condos in Midtown Atlanta found at 40 West 12th offer this luxury, and they do it with distinctive style.

Just in Time

Putting the best of both worlds within reach comes just in time for a generation that places quality of life even higher than the generations that came before it. The people who drive the 21st century economy and its opportunities are far less likely to compromise on lifestyle, and the preferred lifestyle embodies what might be called the simple pleasures of life – a walk with the dog after work, a bike-lane commute, a place where neighbors encounter each other without planning it, a place where their children can play the way children once did, and still flourish among the riches of culture that are found in one of the world’s great cities.

This style of living has long been the choice of young entrepreneurs and artists in Atlanta. What’s different today is that you don’t have to be an urban pioneer to place yourself in the center of engagement and to add hours to the day by avoiding a commute.

Durable Demand

As a result, the value of certain, select Midtown condominiums is based on durable demand, rather than on pegging a particular interest rate. The widespread reassessment of what home means, and of how homes serve, in a dawning era that includes flexibility as to who works from home, who goes to an office, and where that office is located, has done nothing to erode the desirability of Atlanta’s luxury Midtown condos.

The new concept of home, and the demands people place on home today, have in fact added to the value of luxury city residences that offer both the engagement of the city and the restorative powers of the great outdoors.

Green Neighbors

Having Piedmont Park as a neighbor makes the outdoors a native resource for the luxury condos of Midtown. Here we embrace outdoor pleasures as a daily option, even in the heart of commerce and finance. We preserve and enhance this version of residential options with ongoing initiatives and a plan that makes living near work a pleasure, with walking, biking, streetscapes, and green space blended with the same care as the fine cuisine you’ll also find there.

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