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The Next Generation of Home Buying- Condominiums Explained

Nov 3, 2020

While it is often mistaken for an apartment, condominiums are an entirely different entity with unique characteristics. A condominium, more commonly known as a condo, is a private residence that is typically located in a residential building with access to distinctive amenities, idealistic locations, and improved social connections.


Condominium amenities are significant. Without ever leaving the property, residents have access to a buffet of benefits that complement their lifestyle. The 40 West 12th lifestyle is perfectly paired with its amenities. Setting a new standard high with a full-scale health and wellness club that boasts a suite of facilities that are geared towards comfort and relaxation, an all season resort style pool, and private green courtyard in the sky. As it is the intention of every condo community to create meaningful interactions for their residents, 40 West 12th has created both energizing and contemplative moments through their amenities to ensure a seamless retreat from city life to balance the thrill of the energetic Midtown lifestyle.

Social Connectivity 

Completely emerged in the environment that surrounds them, condominium residents are better connected to their community. Sharing experiences and enjoying the aforementioned amenities provides a wholistic and unified lifestyle for all residents. The level of social connectivity in a residential building like 40 West 12th is unparalleled.

Better Locations

With community and amenity advantages, condominiums are also built to be conveniently located. The social connection extends beyond just that of your community but also in your locality. A good location is not simply defined by where you are; idealistic locations have an unmitigated meaning. It is important to consider the physical location, the surrounding neighborhood, future developments, in addition to the characteristics of the house itself. Like most private residences, 40 West 12th checks all of these boxes. Dwelling in luxury above the heart of Midtown, surrounded by an abundance of entertainment and recreation, from Colony Square to Fox Theater and everything in between, the residents of 40 West 12th have chosen the location of all locations. 

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